Hydo Logic is a manufacturer’s representative of water & wastewater equipment.



Turbine Pumps manufactured in the US since 1941. SimFlo owns its foundry and can guarantee delivery. Flows range from five GPM to 18,000.


Little Giant Engineered Products: Low-Pressure grinder pump package with Centrifugal Pump, Roto-Molded basin , Float or Pressure based control system.

sPs Engineering:

Circular Clarifiers, Digester Mixers, Grit Collection.

Five Star Filtration:

Upflow Sand Filter and Disk Filter can meet today’s stringent Regulations for Water Reclamation, Tertiary Filtration, Algae Removal Phosphorus Removal, and Denitrification.

PureAir Filtration:

Specialists in Removing Vapors, Gases, and Odors up to 45,000 CFM.

Dakota Pump Inc:

Above and Below Grade Booster Stations, and Lift Stations, Controls since 1955.


Pump Stations and Chemical Feed Stations.